Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten Albums

Test Icicles: For Screening Purposes Only

A terrifically trashy yet well produced and beautiful sounding post-punk album. Electro inspired guitars as well as a hollowed flurry of great beats! This album came out in a time of great musical depression. It was a pleasure to hear and still is! This anxious mix of manic roars and back alley riffs is one for the ages.

Ima Robot: Ima Robot

A super psycho fusion of poppy dance and punk. Extremely talented bunch of dudes put together a solid, well-rounded album. It's a great collection of very catchy tunes you could dance to in a club or just fully enjoy on your own!

Tom Waits: Rain Dogs

The very first album I had the pleasure of hearing by one of the greatest songwriters of any generation. His voice is a thing of sickening beauty. The gritty, dirty old man who has smoked too much and drank even more. It's the type of album you listen to wishing you were there when Mr. Waits wrote it, just to be a part of something so epic. Amazing album, amazing person!

System Of A Down: System Of A Down

This album literally changed the way I looked at music. Before hearing this, I listened to whatever mr. and mrs. radio told me to. Upon being exposed to such raw music (which this album contains) I started to change my opinion and mindset on all sorts of music and really started experimenting musically myself.

Against Me!: As The Eternal Cowboy

Best mesh of folk, blues, punk and rock in the history of semi mainstream fast-trash music. This is lyrically and musically a hard-hitting, raw and fucking genius masterpiece. Recommended for any fan of deep southern, whiskey-soaked folk/punk that has been recorded in a clean yet rotten sound.

Two Gallants: What The Toll Tells

WOW! I was introduced to this gem some years ago and have been a major fan ever since. This drummer/guitarist duo of sickly fast and heavy country. A very perfectly sculpted array of stunning lyrics that seem to be drenched in Jack Daniels and heartache. There is actually no other words to describe this album other than epic. Epic, epic.

Refused: The Shape Of Punk To Come

This album changed lives and music. This truly was a bridge between the music written by the greats and some of the extreme music that has been formed today. I still love this album and I always will. It draws out every emotion possible for the listener. A political stand is made alongside the don't give a fuck attitude. Experimenting as hard as they could, this now broken up band, has made a CLASSIC album etched in time.

At The Drive-In: Relationship of Command

This was one of the albums I had glued into my discman for years on end! Absolutely in love with it from start to finish. The hight of this band's creative genius was most certainly poured into this record. Nothing short of fantastic. This masterpiece of post-punk elated music was and is still ahead of it's time.

Blood Brothers: Burn Piano Island Burn

Love this one. Blood Brothers is one of my favorite bands and have never disappointed. This particular album has been a soundtrack to my life for a long time. It was really a breakthrough into the mainstream for them, while still keeping their insane edge. Perfectly executed and carefully chaotic, a joy for the entire family.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You: Mongrel

Yes. My favorite album of all time. The heaviest and fastest wall of sound my ears have had the honor of hearing! There is not much to say about this piece of work except that is is the most intense and enjoyable collection of MUSIC in the history of heavy music. I can listen to this album on repeat for a long time without getting bored. I can only guess what was going through these impressive imaginations while writing this. The drums are like a jackhammer into the center of a migraine. The guitars are a purely ball crushing tower of power and the vocals are more than anyone could hope for. If you haven't heard this album, you should!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

What Galaxy are you from?

Shazza Music Festival was fun. A tuesday night full of funny locals and good friends! Really happy with the people that turned up to see us play!
-We played open mic the night before at The Wanch---

Went pretty well for our first show, a little rocky tho.

Then the next night we did the Wanch once more for Shazza Music.. went a little better. Was lots of fun --

There was not really any good pics of greg, but you get the point.

Then in a hilarious end to the night we went to Galaxy to party harder and hang out, not only was it fun but I asked the dudes there if we could play their stage and they had no problem with it.. So around 230 am in scummy gritty Galaxy we played a few songs.. Great night!

We didn't get home till around 4:30/5:00 am, so I think today is kind of a write off.... anyways exciting blog-able things coming up in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Born From Pain the band I went to go see last night...

Was a pretty fun show, best I've ever seen Live Fast Die play and King Ly Chee were pretty sweet! Pretty sweet night, had quite a few drinks from good ol' 711.
We will be playing open mic tomorrow at The Wanch... then play again the next night for a proper show! Exciting since these will be our first shows.

King Ly Chee is a Hong Kong based hardcore band that has been around for about 13 years.
I grew up with this shit!

Live Fast Die are my friends who play super chunky punk music!
Best drunk punk in Hong Kong!!

If you are reading this and are looking for something to do on Monday and Tuesday night you should totally swing by the wanch for either of those days or both and check us out!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Red Rain

Hey there!

Monica, my girlfriend, came on wednesday, it's been somewhat busy since then, running around doing whatever. Yesterday was super typhoon mega crazy storm day. Had practice, then got stuck in mong kok mall for a while until deciding to head for the MTR station. We got soaked, then we headed to Liz and Gary's place for some brews, some food and some conversation (as well as to dry off). That ended up being nice.

Now we are heading out to a friend's going away thing. So this will be a short post. We will be playing a show on Tuesday at The Wanch. Here is the details-

We are also gonna try to play open mic at Rockschool on monday night as well...

On my way to practice last week, I picked up a bunch more toys...
got these mexican wrestler dudes (by far my favorite)

And I got these crazy ones, but haven't opened the box yet.

anyways, I'm off!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Rum Soaked Folk


Tim Holehouse was so fantastic! He was a Tom Waits-esque singer/songwriter from the UK.
Really great blues/folk stuff! We did not fill up Rockschool, but the people that did come were just a bunch of solid people. Check him out because his music should be enjoyed by everyone...

Haha, I bought one of his records on vinyl and he signed it "your band rock" - not so good at the english.

He gave a shower of compliments to our band, one of them being "you can quote me on this, you guys are rum-soaked folk!"

We played.

Danny played.

and lots more played...

We had good times. It was kind of hard not to with a $180 all you can drink deal.

so not only is tim a folk master but also a mix master of crazy noise shit. Gonna try to hit this up on Wednesday - It is Ross' CD Release party-

You can totally click on the picture for the facebook event details.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Gotta clean the Holehouse

So I've just spent the last little while making an event on facebook for a show we are playing on sunday (pretty last minute, but it's gonna be dope!) -Check it out here. So besides an extremely busy ass weekend, we must practice, practice, practice!! The show will be at Rockschool and will be headlined by Ross' friend Tim Holehouse. please come if you can! It should be lots of fun... Here is the poster I made for it -

Hope you can read it.

So, other than that, I had an interview with a primary school waaaaay out in Tsing Yi. Fingers way mega effing crossed! Seemed like a sweet school!

Other than that I am excited about my girlfriend coming here in less than a week! super awesome. Speaking of which, she has a friend David Farrier who is a TV interviewer of pretty much the coolest people anyone would ever get to meet. Just scoped out this video of him...

Anyways Also been really getting into True Blood, never thought I would because I think Vampires are for homos, but this is a pretty wicked show! I do indeed recommend!

More mention of shows we will be playing/going to very soon......

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Announced!

Just found out that our band (who has never played a single show) Priest/Rogue is opening for Handsome Furs on August 4th @ Rockschool.

You can see the facebook event here

Monday, July 12, 2010

I was born on a pirate ship

Had such a MEGA effing blast yesterday on my birthday junk boat! Amazing people, sunny rays, cold beer, and a ghetto jew birthday cake!

There were a lot more photos, but i honestly can't be bothered to upload many more.

After the junk Luke, Mike, Laena, Corey and others thought it would be an amazing idea to continue to drink out in Lan Kwai -
Started out at Luke's bar, it wasn't open yet, but he served us some drinks anyways..
Went to The Globe for some food (thank goodness we did) then Luke of course bought me some sort of drink that was on fire... it is his tradition with my birthdays it seems.

Then we went to some other place where he bought me yet another flaming drink, but this one was stronger. Had no idea what time it was, but pretty sure it was early!

So here are some of the gifts that I received yesterday -
Batman figures from Greg, Lindie and PeePorn Mike. there were more, but these were the best.

Tokyo Tribe figures from the same people!

My mom's friend Sophie got me this!

Today, apart from nursing a crippling hangover, I went to Toys R Us and picked up a Wii game with the gift certificate mom gave me -
I hope it's as good or even better than the first one! We'll find out tonight!

I'll leave you now with two of my favorite boat-inspired songs.