Sunday, May 29, 2011

Prep Work

so, I've been busy working on some paintings for the Poubelle show coming up and have missed a couple of cool gigs etc....

Redid this today.....
(just a little taster before the show)



In other news, I stopped by Chocoolate the other day because they currently have a star wars promotion on. I bought enough crap that I got a free pillow.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poubelle International CD Release

So my buddies in the band Poubelle International are releasing their second EP at Grappa's Cellar on June 3rd. I, along with a couple of local artists, will be showcasing some artwork there. It should be an all around fun night and I highly recommend everyone who knows me come along.
Check out the face book invite HERE

Check out their website HERE

The details are this-

Friday June 3rd, Grappas Cellar

Jardine House, 1 Connaught Place, Central, Hong Kong.
Doors open at 9.30pm
Tickets: 150HKD (incl; one drink + CD)

Supporting acts by:
Modern Children – HK’s premier post-rock-indie-pop Arcade-Fire-esque big band
Songs For Children - Infamous indie DJ spinning Cold-Play-free gems all night
Robot DJ set – Thumping late night tunes in spandex

House Artists:
Danny Kostianos

now I just gotta do lots more work before the show.... wish me luck!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cheung Chau Chow

One week ago today (I know it's been far too long my friends) we went off to Cheung Chau Island for some seafood and drinks. It was a family friend's birthday and we got to celebrate with some lobster and prawns. It was fairly delicious and pretty darn fun. Here are some pictures.

We saw a lot of pets!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Chariot passes through

Am still pumped up from the show last thursday. The last minute show organized for the Chariot to play at Hidden Agenda was insanely good. We were having such a blast. The venue was great to get up close and personal.

without further ado, here are my favorite pictures from the show.
so much energy!
So much love!
Wolf was loving it up there!

Now time to take turns on the snare!

After they finished their intense set, they stuck around for a few hours and we got to chat with all of them, was really cool. They were all extra nice guys who just enjoyed having a chit chat.

What an amazing night, One of the best live shows Hong Kong has had.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Hard Rock life....

Did a little 'hard rockin' last weekend for the Underground CD #4 release party. It took place at the new Hard Rock hotel here in HK...
Was a cool to have a show in a new location, however, the venue itself is kinda balls. No place to sit (unless you order food) and absolutely no place to stand.... Other than that, the CD itself is pretty great and loving the Six Pack of Wolves song - Punk Rock Story.

Had (and will continue to have) a busy week... I just now got back from some hot pot, AKA yummy in my tummy. Tomorrow is gonna be pretty darn great! Reserved my tickets for The Chariot which is playing at Hidden Agenda. Gonna be pretty dope i'm sure. Check out the facebook event HERE.
Pretty stoked

Some video treats for you all to enjoy!

I super had more to write about, but as usual left my blogging for far too long and forgot it all.... so another potentially interesting blog (in my mind) turned totally mediocre. ENJOY!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rock Lobster

Went in to the ol' Star Crossed today to finish up my latest leg addition. Done by the one and only Rich Phipson (thanks again bru-seph)

This is probably the worst picture of a tattoo anyone has taken anywhere, so when I get a better one, I must post it eh?

anyways, very stoked with it!

Gonna check out this show on Saturday, there is one on friday too, but I'm pretty keen to check out the Hard Rock Cafe here that just opened up...

yuk, not looking forward to heading back to work after a couple of holidays....