Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Old Shoes

I think I have an obsession with pokemon....
bought these shoes a while back for 10 HKD and drew this crap on them today...

I have to leave to go teach shitty kids at a stupid center.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Nintendo Power

I was bored the other day and drew this...

Bunch of old school nintendo dudes... Will finish coloring it when i get more markers.

Also I have been playing this game lots now
Almost the same as the first but still really fun.
All around great puzzle based RPG.

And lastly I would love this desk..
So if any of you are stuck on what to get me for my upcoming birthday.. this is it!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pirates of the City Towers

Been a few days since a little blog...

I been busy lately with band practices and poke battles.... Couple days ago I went over to greg's once more and played pokemon for hours.... I won almost every time. He keeps threatening me by saying that he wont play pokemon with me anymore every time i do something mean....

anyhow after the tough times of the poke battles we went to practice at the studio till just after midnight. We went to the IFC roof after that and stayed up having drinks till about 4 shootin' the shit.

Next day was hangover/run through the songs day. Ridiculous! then went to Rockschool after for a sound check... people showed up super late but in the end it was a great turnout..

Great show with some top notch performances... fun fun! By the time we went on it was around 1 ish. We were pretty drunk but we had a blast and Corey and Mike Kam are super fun guys to have in the band! Anyways went great here are some pictures..

So after the show Corey and a few of us decided to celebrate further and ended up at Galaxy until 5 am....

Needless to say I need some sleep. Two nights in a row... getting to old for this shit. hah, well had an awesome weekend!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can do you one nerdier!

Tuesday was 10 dollar tacos in TST at TJ Jacks! It was as delicious as always. My sister graduated just this last year and decided to have a grad party night out type of thing... Ten dollar tacos are ALWAYS a good idea... during 'dinner' Greg and Lindie and I went to some back street crack alley and took a couple band photos

Then after the delicious tacos we went to grab some beers from 711 and went to a ghetto little pool hall that I used to frequent back in the day..

Today I woke up and instead of doing productive work stuff I phoned Greg and asked if he wanted to play pokemon...

So today we had our first poke battle with the card game using some starter decks to figure the game out. Was tons of fun! Now I have to make my own deck(s) but need some more cards before I do that... Toys are Us here comes the 25 year old tattooed idiot that plays a kids card game!

... Future Family!

After the "game" we went to band practice and went through our set list for our Saturday show..
Corey Tam is a good friend of mine who is having a CD release party on Saturday... His CD is effing amazing!!!
If you get the chance spend money on this!!

Anyways this will be the first show I have played in over a year! Should be fun...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These novels are so Graphic!

just found out they are making a Jonah Hex movie. This is one of my favorite graphic novels!

Can't wait to see it!

here is my suggestion for other sweet graphic novels/comics that hollywood should make...

Joker - An awesome story of one of Joker's hired guns!

Kingdom Come - Probably one of the best graphic novel's I have ever read! The artwork in it is amazazazing!

Just a Pilgrim - My favorite mini series, story of a religious freak who kills a bunch of pirates on a scorched earth! and in the second part the dude slays a swarm of zombies!

Sandman - An epic tale of a family of super cool characters that live in a dream world!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Had a chill couple of days.... went to go pick something up from the post office this morning and ended up in Mong Kok hunting for toys... found a bunch of pokemon toys...
there's lots more.... Gotta fuckin' catch em all!

also went to this awesome comic book shop in Sino Center. Really nice guy sold me this stuff...
Mr. freeze bobble head
Space dude

found this fan, wanna get this panda's face tattooed on my leg....

Lastly I finished painting this dude last night...

Think I might work on some art stuff tonight... post some pictures tomorrow if i do anything good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Wii Lad is BACK!

That's right! Nintendo's best character Link is back in Zelda: Skyward Sword. Sounds and looks awesome! Scheduled to be released in 2011 sometime.. that is too far away!!

Check out this interview with the creator of the game

boats and hoes

Yesterday was such a great day! I was designated tour guide for the day so I took Derek and his papa to see the temple of ten thousand buddhas in Sha Tin. It is so much fun when people come to visit cause you end up doing stuff you wouldn't normally do. So we walked through Sha Tin park and eventually started to walk up the great hill of the golden buddhas. There are so many cool ones but i will just post a few of my favorites..
I swear guys, it's this big!
hay thar sailor, ever had a buddha before?
my kids suck.
just chillin' on mah tiger...

After the buddha-fest we went for dim sum yum. Then we bused it over to Aberdeen for a little Sampan ride, was pretty sweet, except the sampan driver wouldn't shut up trying to get us to boat longer....
THEN - we took the most horrible bus ride in the world! what should have been a 10 minute bus ride to wan chai ended up taking 45 minutes to an hour. There was no aircon and it just flat out sucked. Had a couple drinks in Wan Chai, judged some super old, fat, ugly dudes who were skeezing on some ladies of the night.

Once we arrived back home we got into some poker. Guess who won? ME!!!! yeah!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the service was shit...

Had lots to do yesterday... stayed up the night before until about 3 or so working on those books, then woke up to finish them off before doing anything else, dropped em off at Zane's and that was that.

From there I went to Mong Kok to the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Basically living in mong kok these days... This is the second time I've been to the toilet restaurant since it opened like 3-4 years ago. My rating from both times -> Decor = top notch 10/10! Service = 0/10 Food = 1/10.
This is not a place to go if you like any kind of service or half decent food. We were the only group in the restaurant besides another group, there were about ten servers that you pretty much had to get up and beg them to come over to you so you could ask them time-wasting questions like 'can I get a glass of water?' then if you're lucky she will come over with a pitcher of water but noooo glass. anyways, they were just crap! So back to what I was saying, only ones in the place, so we finally get to order our food, it takes them an hour to cook the shit, everyone's plate comes just enough apart that the last person finishes before the next starts.... no one is eating together. The food that took the "chef" an hour to make specifically, was really kinda gross...

Well enough on that, here are some pictures of the place.
plunger and poo lights!
wall of urinals that change lights..
Hot Pot Toilet and Urinal Drinks on a Bathtub Table.
there was a very large collection of poo toys.

Speaking of toilets and such, Is it just me or should 'automatic hand dryers' be obsolete? These things suck (when they should blow, hah) but really there is no point to them, they NEVER ever dry your hands, I have to press that stupid button like 20 times to get my hands half dry-er. They have always pissed me off...

Enough ranting like a loon.

After the toilet restaurant we decided to take Derek and Roger (Derek's father) to Stanley. After the long bus ride we got there went through the market just quickly 'cause Roger was getting very tired of shopping. I found lots of pokemon cards and an AMAZING remote control helicopter. I didn't buy the helicopter but did pick up some pokemons. Haha, so after the market we walked along the ocean to my favorite little Stanley pub for a few pints.
Smuggler's inn...
writing and crap all over the inside:
love you more than money... oh, no wait..
all the breast!
robot guy..

and, we ended the night in Wan Chai of course. Greg and Lindie came down and met Derek and Laena and I in Galaxy... we had a few super cheap drinks, we ended up loading our bags with 711 drinks and played drinking games at the park.
Was a pretty good day really.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

pokemong kok

Today was Walk like an EFFING snail day in Mong Kok. They say this city is always rushing, but a lot of people like to prove that wrong! I have never encountered so many bad walkers. ALOT of people in HK walk bad...

Anyhow just got back a little while ago from practice. I am playing bass in this band, I have never attempted an instrument before so it's slow going. It's a lot of fun but I do suck at it.
After practice Lindie went to go teach some kids, Greg and I went back to our favorite little toy shop and I bought a friend for my dude I painted the other day...

Also we have decided to start playing the pokemon card game, so Greg and I bought a few decks...
NERDZ right? We are gonna party as hard as these guys!!

I decided that I am gonna stay in and work on these books for Zane tonight and skip everything.
I feel bad that Zane usually spends a lot of time putting these books together at the last minute due to my laziness, so home tonight!

So that is my exciting and totally not boring at all day and plans for the night.

Two blogs in one day, look at me go-oh-oh!

Also I drew this robot dude...
sucks, my printer/scanner doesn't scan so I have to take a friggen picture of a piece of paper.

Yeah, so I totally blog now...

Blog number two, haven't given up yet. I've decided that I like to blog. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough.

Last night we played poker at the house here, I'm not entirely sure why I play poker so often, I almost NEVER win. It is fun, but annoying that even my mom beats me (which is exactly what happened last night)

I'm feeling very tired and have a few things to do today, I must finish a set of books for my friend Zane. He opened up an English center very recently and he has decided to make his own course books. He has asked me to do all of the artwork for the books. Only bad thing about it is there are 2 books that need to be done every week before saturdays. It wouldn't be so bad If i wasn't such a major procrastinator! Also I have band practice with Greg and Lindie today. Smack dab in the middle of the day.

Here is a picture of the other two jerks in the band.
They are serious boaters!

And tonight I am going to go see my friends' band play an acoustic set at the Wanch. It should be pretty funny since they are a loud, fast, punk band...

also i want to leave you with this....

best band I've heard in a long time! super awesome.

and here is their fantastic music video!

DIE ANTWOORD!!!! taking over the interwebs!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

facebook sucks rainbow dong

So I have finally decided to start a blog. I am getting annoyed with facebook... and want to stop being so lazy. My prediction is that this blog will last for a little less than a month until I get bored. This blog will mainly be me either ranting or moaning, also just crap about video games, comics, and other cool shit.

So I have recently moved back to Hong Kong (again) and am happy living in this city. I moved here approx 2 months ago from Vancouver. Vancouver was NOT my scene, there are so many things I did not like about that city, so instead of making a giant list of my dislikes, i will just say that I like Asia alot more.
Just a little taste of Mong Kok...

Whats happening today - I just got back from the airport where I picked up my good friend Derek and his dad. They will be staying with us for the next 4 days. Derek has been here before and I'm sure it'll even be more fun this time. I was and am very hungover from last night where we drank entirely too much booze and only spent about 30HKD, man I love this city!!! Anyways back to what I was saying, buses in Hong Kong + me with a hangover = yuck.

What I did yesterday - I painted this guy..