Thursday, July 29, 2010

Top Ten Albums

Test Icicles: For Screening Purposes Only

A terrifically trashy yet well produced and beautiful sounding post-punk album. Electro inspired guitars as well as a hollowed flurry of great beats! This album came out in a time of great musical depression. It was a pleasure to hear and still is! This anxious mix of manic roars and back alley riffs is one for the ages.

Ima Robot: Ima Robot

A super psycho fusion of poppy dance and punk. Extremely talented bunch of dudes put together a solid, well-rounded album. It's a great collection of very catchy tunes you could dance to in a club or just fully enjoy on your own!

Tom Waits: Rain Dogs

The very first album I had the pleasure of hearing by one of the greatest songwriters of any generation. His voice is a thing of sickening beauty. The gritty, dirty old man who has smoked too much and drank even more. It's the type of album you listen to wishing you were there when Mr. Waits wrote it, just to be a part of something so epic. Amazing album, amazing person!

System Of A Down: System Of A Down

This album literally changed the way I looked at music. Before hearing this, I listened to whatever mr. and mrs. radio told me to. Upon being exposed to such raw music (which this album contains) I started to change my opinion and mindset on all sorts of music and really started experimenting musically myself.

Against Me!: As The Eternal Cowboy

Best mesh of folk, blues, punk and rock in the history of semi mainstream fast-trash music. This is lyrically and musically a hard-hitting, raw and fucking genius masterpiece. Recommended for any fan of deep southern, whiskey-soaked folk/punk that has been recorded in a clean yet rotten sound.

Two Gallants: What The Toll Tells

WOW! I was introduced to this gem some years ago and have been a major fan ever since. This drummer/guitarist duo of sickly fast and heavy country. A very perfectly sculpted array of stunning lyrics that seem to be drenched in Jack Daniels and heartache. There is actually no other words to describe this album other than epic. Epic, epic.

Refused: The Shape Of Punk To Come

This album changed lives and music. This truly was a bridge between the music written by the greats and some of the extreme music that has been formed today. I still love this album and I always will. It draws out every emotion possible for the listener. A political stand is made alongside the don't give a fuck attitude. Experimenting as hard as they could, this now broken up band, has made a CLASSIC album etched in time.

At The Drive-In: Relationship of Command

This was one of the albums I had glued into my discman for years on end! Absolutely in love with it from start to finish. The hight of this band's creative genius was most certainly poured into this record. Nothing short of fantastic. This masterpiece of post-punk elated music was and is still ahead of it's time.

Blood Brothers: Burn Piano Island Burn

Love this one. Blood Brothers is one of my favorite bands and have never disappointed. This particular album has been a soundtrack to my life for a long time. It was really a breakthrough into the mainstream for them, while still keeping their insane edge. Perfectly executed and carefully chaotic, a joy for the entire family.

The Number Twelve Looks Like You: Mongrel

Yes. My favorite album of all time. The heaviest and fastest wall of sound my ears have had the honor of hearing! There is not much to say about this piece of work except that is is the most intense and enjoyable collection of MUSIC in the history of heavy music. I can listen to this album on repeat for a long time without getting bored. I can only guess what was going through these impressive imaginations while writing this. The drums are like a jackhammer into the center of a migraine. The guitars are a purely ball crushing tower of power and the vocals are more than anyone could hope for. If you haven't heard this album, you should!

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