Monday, July 12, 2010

I was born on a pirate ship

Had such a MEGA effing blast yesterday on my birthday junk boat! Amazing people, sunny rays, cold beer, and a ghetto jew birthday cake!

There were a lot more photos, but i honestly can't be bothered to upload many more.

After the junk Luke, Mike, Laena, Corey and others thought it would be an amazing idea to continue to drink out in Lan Kwai -
Started out at Luke's bar, it wasn't open yet, but he served us some drinks anyways..
Went to The Globe for some food (thank goodness we did) then Luke of course bought me some sort of drink that was on fire... it is his tradition with my birthdays it seems.

Then we went to some other place where he bought me yet another flaming drink, but this one was stronger. Had no idea what time it was, but pretty sure it was early!

So here are some of the gifts that I received yesterday -
Batman figures from Greg, Lindie and PeePorn Mike. there were more, but these were the best.

Tokyo Tribe figures from the same people!

My mom's friend Sophie got me this!

Today, apart from nursing a crippling hangover, I went to Toys R Us and picked up a Wii game with the gift certificate mom gave me -
I hope it's as good or even better than the first one! We'll find out tonight!

I'll leave you now with two of my favorite boat-inspired songs.

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