Tuesday, July 6, 2010

happier than a pig in boots

It's about time I do some bloggage... Got my tattoo yesterday, it looks even better than i thought it would. got some hot chick on my thigh... I'm stealing a picture from Julia's blog..

You can't tell from the picture but she's blowing a flying heart and a bumble bee...

After the job was done went down to peel fresco to watch some people we know play some tunes. We were all not super interested, so after Mike Jack arrived we went to good ol' 711.

we found a shitty little box thing outside and used it as our bar.... lotsa fun locals and I got yelled at for taking a piss in some outdoor stairwell. After being on our feet for a while we decided to have a seat...

Mike was on the hunt for cute pictures in magazines (for some reason) and found this guy -

Anyways Ross and Julia left and Mike and I stole someone's plastic shipping crate's and sat and had a chat about the city we live in. Was an all around excellent night!

for the sake of another picture.... picked these guys up in mong kok a couple days back...

Kinda gay one's but they were super cheap.


  1. those toys are cute! im so getting them

  2. I effin want that pig. It can be Poon's new bestie. I wonder if it can even walk in those boots...