Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye Leslie

Leslie Nielsen has been a hero of mine since the early days. When I was a kid he was literally my favorite actor. So of a mountie, born in the great white north, Leslie has always been the clown. Leslie passed away a couple of days ago and will be missed.
I have grown up watching his films (as they were only slightly offensive and sexually suggestive) seeing as though I was not allowed to watch films that were 'damaging to the soul'. Here are a few of my favorites

This one was great. A play on the fugitive where Les must find the one-legged, one-armed, one-eyed man to prove his innocence.

all of the naked gun movies are defo a must see. Fun old-fashioned cop show where Frank Drebin finds himself in a variety of retarded situations.

I watched this about a dozen times as it was one of the only non gospel choir related video cassettes at my Grandfather's house. Classic Neilsen.

Pure Classic.

I watched this as a young lad and I remember loving it. Mel Brooks does Dracula. "Schedual?"

Watched this one when I was a bit older (as was Leslie) Great Canadian film where Leslie plays a stoned retired curler.

The TV show from where the Naked Gun trilogy spawned. We had all of the episodes on tape growing up. LOVED IT

There are others but those to me are the most memorable. RIP Leslie Nielsen!

what a pimp!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Showing Off

Today is a day off and I am sitting around the house doing eff all. It is glorious (minus the part where I had a bunk ass hangover this morn.) Last week has been a busy one. Went to a couple of shows and had some band practice etc. Had a late night park get together with Zane, Corey and myself for a new folk project we are starting up. On Thursday- headed over to The Wanch for BC Unplugged. Ned Noble/Corey Tam....... greats!
Ned Noble singing a cover of Wolf Parade and some energetic originals as well.
Corey Tam is a Wanch regular now

Yesterday I headed over to Xperience to check out a Bauhinian Collective Showcase. Corey Tam once more opened for This is Ammunition and Sushi Robot.
Corey Tam
This is Ammunition

Never got a chance to get any pictures of Sushi Robot since I was busy gettin drunkz.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This weekend was somewhat profitable for Monica and her chocolates and pretty good for me.
BIG thank you to all my friends who swung by and bought some paintings!

picked up some stuff from other stalls at the festival...

An artist by the name of Matt Bailey was also selling some affordable artwork.. I was a fan and bought some of his stuff...
sweet 2 piece painting

plank of wood with some chick with huge guns

also bought some prints...

Then I went to Ben Tse's stall and picked up some of the CD's he was selling...

haven't had a listen yet, but very excited!
Too bad these guys are kaput! But alas ol' Ephraim moved away ending not only the Merriweather Deer but the Lovesong as well.

Also got this ancient album from one of my old fav bands...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chew-bacca, bacca, bacca

Nerded out at my favorite comic book shops in HK - Metro Comics and Clarks Comics in Causeway bay with my buddy Paul. Found this guy there ---

and decided to start reading this series, sounds/looks cool!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why work when there is crap to buy!!?!

Had a very busy day off. Started out getting my ID CARD! then went shopping for hours on end... bought this knitted guy at H & M

then continued to shop etc. I have been working on paintings for the last little while now for the SOHO festival coming up this weekend... Monica has a stall for the festival in which she will be selling her delicious chocolates. Here is her poster-
On sunday I will be selling my artwork at the stall... So everyone who reads this and calls themselves friends of Danny the G(r)eek should come by and get chocolate and buy some serious art!

if you would like to check out some of the art I will have on sale you can check out my other blog here ---> Crazy Painter

Here is a few samples

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Street Walking and Rocking

I decided on Friday that I never go out after work really, so even though I was tired I ended up going to a show on the street (AKA- in front of the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts). Corey Tam was playing along with a bunch of other boring acts such as a good but bland piano player and a blues band, which really screamed of boredom. I hate Jazz, it sucks. It sounds good for about 10 seconds then it sounds like every song I've ever heard. Anyhow, Corey sounded good, was great sound and set up. Here are some pics....

was really a good night to have an outdoor show!

Zane- Bass, Gabe- Drums

Friday, November 12, 2010

Tai Po Yo!

Had a very relaxing and blog worthy day off last Tuesday with Monica to have a picnic which Monica prepared and was delicious! We went to Tai Po Waterfront Park (for the first time) it was really big, and pretty fun as well. The place had many different gardens to walk through as well as many things to do.

we raced boats...
...this was the sign beside the extremely shallow pool where we raced them. Next to this sign was another reading 'Danger, Deep water'. Really actually said it.
we flew planes...
this was the view from the lookout point-
(Hong Kong loves to put scenic parks/beaches right next to power plants)
the one thing we wanted to do was go to the insect house, but alas it was closed for renovation...

it was a lovely day off. Absolutely going back to this park. Super worth checking out

Sunday, November 7, 2010

dairy molars

Took a stroll down to central for this last night!
Was pretty great, minus the venue. Very small and not enough seats, aircon was busted and alot of people turned up. Skylark lounge is primarily a jazz/blues lounge and it is not meant for CD release parties(in my opinion).

Milkteeth are a local band that play anxious folkish, jazzy rock. I dunno how to describe it, disregard my attempt. But they are very good. Joey Basa (singer/guitarist) has a very cool and unique voice and writes some neat-o lyrics.

Here is the CD they just released-

... recorded by my good friend Kento, It sounds very nice. Great levels and a nice layout.

9 Maps opened up for this show, glad to see that they are getting more and more involved with the music scene. I went with some people that had never heard 9 maps before and all I kept hearing was "great harmonies, etc."

All in all a great time that was had. I took some pictures but they all turned out like dung.

Friday, November 5, 2010

how not to pee or poo

since my life is super boring at the moment, I leave you with this...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Queen

October was pretty lacking with blogage. Let's try and make Movember a better one shall we? Halloween was a fun one this year. I had decided on some crap costume and was a bit bummed about it until I found a costume that just shouted me...
Wonder Woman!
We went to the rooftop of the Fringe and partied to an open bar.

Monica was an egg!

There were many other fantastic costumes which I can't seem to find the pictures of at the moment.

Woke up the next day feeling chipper and rearing to go... Star Crossed was having a halloween bash at the shop.

Ross got suited up in the smallest ninja outfit I have ever seen.

Richard was just some crazy axe-wielding killer as his wife was a wounded fox.

Here is the halloween tattoo I got.

Day off today! Currently just chilling out on my balcony drinking some coffee and enjoying the gorgeous weather hong kong seems to be experiencing.

gnarly, belching, spider-eyed baboon

Last week during my lets get a billion tattoos week I got exactly that - a gnarly belching spider-eyed baboon! I've wanted a baboon tattoo for a while, just cause they are so monster and ugly and uber colorful. Finally Richard made it happen.

Stolen from Richard's Blog

Just short of a week later now and my leg is still in pain. I am hobbling around Hong Kong like a lame 'wounded fox'.
Anyhow very excited about this tattoo, it is one of my new favs! Thanks Rich.