Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just some Berthday Junk

I'm hanging out at the house, today is officially my B-Day.. Having some wine, playing some pokemon with my sis. Found out she is going to help me pay for my pokeball tattoo that I will get (perhaps on my kneecap).

Something like this...

Today we had band practice. Getting more excited about playing bass, glad I stuck to it! If you would like to hear some tunes we have made you can click the link below

A reference to World of Warcraft (not my idea) but nevertheless it is a very fun band. We have a show sometime soon at the Wanch. It is around the 24th or something, I can't remember... I will post more details later when it gets closer to the date.

Also super mega excited that my old band Mammoth is getting back together! All the original members. Super cool guys. Just an all around amazing family of fast dirty sexy metal lovers destroying ear drums together.

On one last note, my good buddy Ross is organizing shows on the 17th and 18th that Greg and I will be playing some of our acoustic drunk folk in.

Shows, shows, shows!!!!

Excited about my Birthday Junk coming this Sunday, lots of good old buddies joining the fun!


  1. A pokeball on your kneecap?! Why don't you turn that half finished flaming eight ball into a pokeball? It's mostly done already...

  2. i like monicas idea.


  3. Nah! everyone skips that part anyways.