Friday, July 16, 2010

Gotta clean the Holehouse

So I've just spent the last little while making an event on facebook for a show we are playing on sunday (pretty last minute, but it's gonna be dope!) -Check it out here. So besides an extremely busy ass weekend, we must practice, practice, practice!! The show will be at Rockschool and will be headlined by Ross' friend Tim Holehouse. please come if you can! It should be lots of fun... Here is the poster I made for it -

Hope you can read it.

So, other than that, I had an interview with a primary school waaaaay out in Tsing Yi. Fingers way mega effing crossed! Seemed like a sweet school!

Other than that I am excited about my girlfriend coming here in less than a week! super awesome. Speaking of which, she has a friend David Farrier who is a TV interviewer of pretty much the coolest people anyone would ever get to meet. Just scoped out this video of him...

Anyways Also been really getting into True Blood, never thought I would because I think Vampires are for homos, but this is a pretty wicked show! I do indeed recommend!

More mention of shows we will be playing/going to very soon......

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