Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hot and Heavy

So... December is upon us and it promises to be a month of supremely good music.

This coming sunday (Dec.4) No Turning Back will be tearing it up at Hidden Agenda... Not super familiar with them but my buddy Ross really likes them.

Support: King Ly Chee, Defiant Scum, and Milkshake 7....
It's only 100HKD...

Then on the following thursday is the return of Parkway Drive! Saw these guys a couple years back, was such a fun show. Very cool band to see live. I recommend going to this, already have my ticket.
They will be playing the same place they played last time - at Hang Out....

You may watch this video and think, 'what the shit? another band on the beach video?' but keep watching, it gets REAL good!

for both shows...

...also simple plan is coming at some point (gives lazy masturbation gesture).

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sounds By The Sea

Such an incredible weekend full of fun and free music! Saw lots of good friends and drank lots of good beers!

Second time seeing my amigo's band Noughts and Exes play.. Excellent live band. Full of energy and a solid sound.

Check out their music video here -

Corey Tam and the One Horse Town was as stunning as usual! It seems they have permanently added a keyboard player... sensuality added!

David Bowie Knives brought a bit of sexual tension to an otherwise mellow day...
Had a bit of a tear in my laugh as Shaun did not refrain from making dirty jokes/remarks and singing out his sleaze...

Sunday brought forth 9 MAPS (who are having their Debut Album Launch this weekend in a secret location).
 Really beautiful as usual... Can't wait to get my hands on a CD.

Check them out playing a song on the star ferry here -

Jade and the Stagger Swallows ended the 2 day event with a mellow and gorgeous set. I'm starting to really love this band.

Check out Their Video here-

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flap your Hands

A few things to let you guys know about (if you don't already)...

Sounds by the Sea is happening this saturday at Stanley Plaza

starts at 230...

David Bowie Knives, Noughts and Exes and Corey Tam will lay down some phat beats and huge shapes... It's free and gonna be pretty fun. so you should all come down and check it!

Sunday 9 Maps and Jade and the Stagger Swallows will be playing. Be sure to try and do both days... This will be a showcase of some of HK's best live music AND it's freakin' free!!

Come December 10th and 11th it's....

Gonna be really good this year and also IT'S FREE!

I'm pretty excited, although I don't really know any of the international bands, still amped.

If you want to git yer free tickets, simply go to and follow the link that says 'free tickets'.

See you all there!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Star Crossed Tees

Your favorite local tattoo shop now has Tees for sale.

2 designs in 3 colors for both guys and the ladies!

Go ahead and pick one up... They make you look awesome!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Just went to pick up the new Steel Panther CD. That's right folks, a CD! Haven't purchased one of those in an age! If you are unaware, Steel Panther (formally known as Metal Skool) is the BEST mock 80's hair band that is out there today. They're lyrics are unmatched and ranked (by me) as the dirtiest lyrics I have ever read/heard.

I remember when I saw them in Vancouver... It was after a long and tiring day at work mid-week. I had gotten home slipped on my PJs and made me some macaroni... There was no was on earth I was leaving my couch. But then, I got a call saying there was a scalper selling tickets to see Steel Panther. Boom, the power of that band got me dressed and downtown in less than 30 mins (I know there is no referance as to how long that would usually take, but use your imagination and guess more than 30 mins).

Anyways, the follow up to their Feel The Steel album is called Balls Out and I'm currently importing it to my itunes... should be on the top of my playlist in no time.

I leave you know with Satchel's review of his own album...

Also, I recommend watching all of their previous Music Videos if you haven't already. Pure genius!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

this WAS halloween

I think it is about time I do a halloween post from last month... slacker!

First things first... during halloween weekend the first anniversary of The Bauhinian Collective invaded all things Wan Chai....

SWINDLERS on thursday... 
DBK warmed up and soaked down the crowd with their sexy sex rock...
DBK will be going to Manila this weekend with Tigerbombers. Wish I could say I was tagging along, but alas, I will be in HK.

This is ammunition hit hard once more with their post-core style of noise.

ALSO - Tigerbombers played, SOMEHOW I didnt take any pictures of them, I think I was getting far too drunk and not snap happy enough.

I missed the friday show at the Wanch which I heard was 'outta sight'.
I was nursing a hangover from the first night. Note to self: Pace yourself.

Feeling much better Saturday, I headed down to Xperience. The last night of the Anniversary (which also happened to fall on dress up day.

Bjork and Beiber made an appearance.

 Wolfman Andre had some bro time with beibs.

My helmet became a whore for the night..

First band of the night...
An undead Sun Eskimos.

Mad Props to Shotgun Politics for putting on such a kick-ass performance

Sushi Robot was throwing down some phat ass shapes in between sets..

and at the end Very Ape played. Again no pictures... hmmmm...

After all of the drinky McDrink nonsense, I headed out to see the sights and frights....
One picture I managed to take was of these...... Joker convicts?


Star Crossed Tattoo was having their annual Halloween Free Tattoo Day.  I had drawn up some crappy skulls for people to choose from along with some of my artist buddies...


....and a gameboy...

It was a wearwolf bar mitzvah!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Here is the most recent addition to the Star Wars series I am doing...


The Trilogy!
These were so much fun to do, I think I may just continue to do more!