Monday, July 19, 2010

Rum Soaked Folk


Tim Holehouse was so fantastic! He was a Tom Waits-esque singer/songwriter from the UK.
Really great blues/folk stuff! We did not fill up Rockschool, but the people that did come were just a bunch of solid people. Check him out because his music should be enjoyed by everyone...

Haha, I bought one of his records on vinyl and he signed it "your band rock" - not so good at the english.

He gave a shower of compliments to our band, one of them being "you can quote me on this, you guys are rum-soaked folk!"

We played.

Danny played.

and lots more played...

We had good times. It was kind of hard not to with a $180 all you can drink deal.

so not only is tim a folk master but also a mix master of crazy noise shit. Gonna try to hit this up on Wednesday - It is Ross' CD Release party-

You can totally click on the picture for the facebook event details.

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