Friday, July 2, 2010

Extreme Heat and Tired Feet

Ended up going to Park Island yesterday. Was a loungin' pool party, a long day but good fun. Park Island sucks tho, nothing really there except a huge residential complex. There is a giant replica of Noah's Ark, but that's it really. Other than that the pool was nice. Alot of rules though, we weren't allowed to drink (even water) in or around the pool, no food and no photo taking! it was a bit of a nazi pool. Anyways we ended up staying there until the 11:30 ferry back into Central then I cabbed it over to the wanch to see my friend's band Live Fast Die play an acoustic set. They were really good!
I only stayed for their set and left right after cause I was zonked.

It has been hotter then a demon summer here.... I went over to Ma On Shan and worked on some stuff with Zane. On the way there I stumbled upon a little shop that had the CHEAPEST pokemon cards I have ever seen! I bought a bunch!!! Then I came home and was uber tired so had a lil nap. now I'm drinking wine in anticipation of the extreme day tomorrow.

I am working in this center and it has 9 back to back classes with absolutely no breaks, not even for five mins.... i'm gonna be spent!

Anyways missing my girl friend super mucho! She is currently out of the country and I am awaiting her arrival!
Just a picture of us being awesome together!