Monday, August 30, 2010

Bored of the Rings

Today I was a little bored so I headed down to MK (Mong Kok) and picked me up some time killers.

Lord Of The Rings (Warner Bros 1978 cartoon)
I remember seeing this as a kid and really liking it. I got it from a shop I really like and the dude sold it to me for super cheap cheap!

Lego Indiana Jones 2
I've been playing it all day, It's pretty fun, but less user friendly than the other Lego games.

Also picked up some sweet second hand shirts... or as all you hip scene kids call them "vintage".

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Mom

Yesterday I got my sleeve finished off by Julia at Star Crossed.

So happy with it and super stoked to be done with one limb!

After the tattoo sesh I headed over to Central for our first Mammoth practice since our last show (over a year ago now) and it was heaps of fun! I am so happy to be in a band with those fellas again. We are thinking of taking a harder and faster, dirtier and more face-melting direction than before.

My mom got back from her trip to Canada this morning bearing gifts!

This was one of them...
Along with a pair of super cool Marvel PJ bottoms and a book on "How to speak Pirate"

I bought this guy today -
Will let you know how it is. My mom also brought back my 2 Guitars for the Wii.

As promised before - a quick review on the games i've played recently.

Puzzle Quest 2 was shit. It sucked and you should never play it!

Ultimate Alliance 2 was ok, it was fun but pretty much the same as the first one except for the fact that there are NO ITEMS. It lacked in the originality factor alot. I don't recommend it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Last Minute Last Show

Ok, This will really be our last show with Priest/Rogue. Honest!

Due to the band Helianthus dropping out of this show we got asked to fill in. This thursday at the Wanch or be a jerk.

This Shazza Showcase features a band from Hangzhou in China.
Hear them here - The Phoenix Prestige

Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Female Artists in Hong Kong

Julia Seizure is my favorite tattoo artist. She is currently at Star Crossed Tattoo in Hong Kong but unfortunately will be leaving to work and live in the UK pretty soon. She has done many if not most of my tattoos and trained me for a brief period of time. She does beautiful paintings and amazing custom work. If you ever get a chance to get tattooed by her - do it!

Check out her Myspace here -
Check out her Website here -

Shann has been friend of mine for a few years now. She is living in Hong Kong and is skilled in the "dark arts" (hah). Her style is very messy/sketchy/dark and disturbing. She is very talented. If you would like some prints from her I know she is selling them currently.

Check out her Myspace here -
Check out her Deviantart Website here -

South Park fun facts

Online School

Thursday, August 19, 2010

you got some long hair

Last night was possibly the last show we will play with the band Priest/Rogue...
San Miguel showcase with our friends Heroses and Corey Tiam(Corey Tam). It was lots of fun. Drunk shirtless bass slapping and a good crowd at The Wanch.

Long Hair decided to hang out and we had a very good chat about the local music scene in HK. Super nice dude. He mainly stayed outside, but I asked him to stick around and watch us play.
Long Hair (Leung Kwok-Hung) is a political activist and somewhat of a rebel. He has been jailed several times. He aims to provide Hong Kong with a livable minimum wage.

Me and Long Hair.

Dave's super cool shirt.

Mr. Corey Tam! He was super amazing, so fun to sing along to his songs!
His girlfriend's birthday was that same night(midnight) and we partied further at The Dog House.

Ring and Lina. Our two local friends who are in the band Heroses.

Also a good friend I haven't seen for a little while that goes by the name of Adam Webb has returned to hk for a few weeks came down and hung out with us!

I will post some pictures of us when I collect them from the interwebs.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The band I used to be in 2 years ago is re-forming and I am super stoked!!!

We will start practicing very soon I hope. Check out Mammoth on myspace to have a listen to a very crappy recording we did.

Click here to join the facebook group to find out more about upcoming shows n' all that.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Meat Coma and Arnold Overdose

Yesterday was Gabe's birthday. In honor of his age increase we went over to his house to have a BBQ. It was FULL of meat. Awesome but I ate way too much...
After the bbq and quite a few drinks we started an Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon as it's one of Gabe's favorite retarded voices he likes to mimic.

Three of my personal favorite Arnie films.

Some pictures for your enjoyment of the party.
Zane and Ivony

Corey, Myself and Monica

Gabe himself laying down some phat beats on his electric drumset.

Corey and Christine playing with Gabe's swords.

Since I was broke and couldn't afford to buy a gift for him, I painted him a picture of the terminator. I am glad I did cause it made me want to start to paint more, it's been far too long.

Today we had band practice as we will be playing our last show before Greg and Lindie leave to go back to Canada. We are planing on recording 2 more songs for the show...

^click on this to find out more^

In other news, I watched the movie Kick-Ass the other day. I loved it. It... Kicked Ass.
Must own the graphic novel now!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiff X 3

Got my pokeball tattoo finally!

After the pain, I hung out at Star Crossed Tattoo until the show at the Wanch. I met the soon-to-be new owners of star crossed (after Ross and Julia leave). Really nice dudes, Rich and Ross are their names. They just moved here from South Africa with their wives and seem super friendly! you can check out some of Richard's work on his blog here - HECK YES!

The show at the wanch was great! Tiff was in every band that night (a change from Gabe, although Gabe still played in two bands.) The highlight for me that night had to be Hungry Ghosts. I haven't seen them play in over a year and they were so much fun.


It was a really fun night and every band was just fun to listen to. After the bands were done the night turned into arthur being a karaoke machine(once again) and everyone trying to sing songs that they didn't know the words to.

Not unusual for a night out at the wanch.

Happy Night!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

gotta sketch em all

Just some info for all of you nerds.
Also, getting my pokeball tattoo today in a matter of hours!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

white (c)rap

I always have small/strange obsessions with really bad white rappers from time to time. Today I was getting more into these fine artists -

Dirt Nasty Is a part of Mickey Avalon's crew. He sang on the song My Dick which was featured on the movie Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo Bay. Dirt Nasty aka Simon Rex acted in the terrible Scary Movie films. He was in some film recently where is had sex with Paris Hilton. Reading up on this guy, I discovered he started his celebrity career in gay porn. Hilarious rapper.

I do enjoy his music video for '1980'

Another one of the Mickey Avalon crew or better known as Dyslexic Speedreaders
He is just notable for a few good songs and a cool gruff voice. I prefer this dude and Dirt Nasty to Mickey Avalon. Mickey Avalon looks like a fairy.

I don't know why I only heard of this guy today, probably because he isn't very good. But he does have some very funny songs. He has his own show on MTV, I've seen it, it's rubbish.
Andy has Hypopituitarism which is a growth condition that gives him the size and appearance of a child when in fact he is a full grown man of 34.

Yeah, I won't say anything more about these guys, I blog about them enough anyways.

Holy Ma-cow!

So I just took a day trip to Macau yesterday. It was surprisingly fun considering I've been there like a hundred times and it is a small casino city with not much to do but gamble. But anyways I had a walk around Macau a bit and there are some really beautiful parts. Did some gambling and to top it all off went and ate a my absolute favorite restaurant in Macau (if not, the world) Fernandos. The service isn't outstanding (not bad just not amazing) but the food however IS!
Really cool old style restaurant that serves portuguese food.

I do highly recommend the beer battered beef. I was gonna get a picture of it before eating it but I got overly excited and remembered to snap a photo before finishing. 2 points for remembering to blog about beef!

Fernando's is located near Hac Sa Beach, a black sand beach with murky water but still a nice view.

Hac Sa Beach.

Here are a couple of photos of the crazy chinese vice city known as Macau...

Once back in Hong Kong, we headed over to the Wanch to say goodbye to Guy and Helen Diamond. Some very cool and super fun new friends we have made just recently and are now gone. Sadness, but it was awesome to see them one last time!

We exchanged shirts to solidify the bond... I am now owner of a Wanch Employee Rugby Shirt.
This is as gang as we get!

Goodbye Guy and your megaman tattoo! You will be missed!

I will leave you now with a picture of my friend Nari's fantastic T-Shirt.
Flip the inside over your head to reveal chunk's face!