Friday, July 23, 2010

Red Rain

Hey there!

Monica, my girlfriend, came on wednesday, it's been somewhat busy since then, running around doing whatever. Yesterday was super typhoon mega crazy storm day. Had practice, then got stuck in mong kok mall for a while until deciding to head for the MTR station. We got soaked, then we headed to Liz and Gary's place for some brews, some food and some conversation (as well as to dry off). That ended up being nice.

Now we are heading out to a friend's going away thing. So this will be a short post. We will be playing a show on Tuesday at The Wanch. Here is the details-

We are also gonna try to play open mic at Rockschool on monday night as well...

On my way to practice last week, I picked up a bunch more toys...
got these mexican wrestler dudes (by far my favorite)

And I got these crazy ones, but haven't opened the box yet.

anyways, I'm off!

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