Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada D'eh

Yesterday I went to the beach and got all burned up. Was a gorgeous day for the beach, just so damn hot and humid. I was sweating me tits off...

After some swimming and burning I rang up a good friend I haven't seen in about a year and we got our beers on... We got our beers on big time! It was really great to see my friend (Mike Jack is his names) and really enjoyed myself just ranting on and on with ol' MJ.

So anyhow it was Canada Day in Lan Kwai Fong and they always do crazy celebrations... Also another friend's CD release Party -

They sounded amazing!

So going back to the canada day celebrations, They had this passport where you could go to bars and get free drinks.. messy considering MJ and I where already pretty messy. hah! But it was good times.

I was flipping through HK magazine this morning and I realized that the 'week ahead' section blows. The whole magazine is pretty boring shit, but there is never any mention on good shows in the music section generally. I should write it! There would be no mention of Usher or crap like that tho, so I dunno if they would be down with me working for them.

I'm meant to go to a Pool Party/Housewarming Party on Park Island today but I kinda can't be bothered to go, dunno still have a few hours to decide. I plan on going to The Wanch to watch Ross play in his band Live Fast Die. That should be dope.

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