Monday, June 11, 2012


Quick art update

Finished this piece just recently for an upcoming show...

...well, actually it is a continuation of the previous show i was involved in.

head over to NEXTO for details on the place etc.
dates are June 15th-30th

I got asked to do the album cover for a very cool HK local band-
-click on the pic to go and download the album.

ALSO - I recently created a facebook page... go LIKE it!!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Quebec Redneck Bluegrass Project

Instead of trying to think of a clever blog title I went with the name of the band soon to be mentioned. I mean look at it, genius.

I had the privilege of seeing these guys last year - Refer to previous post -

They're back and playing at the Hong Kong Brew House this Saturday.... you should all be there!
Click the pic for more info on the show.

I will not attempt to describe what will transpire.... Arthur does it better in the event description....

also listen to these drunks - HERE

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Art and Stupidity

Why would anyone in their right mind CHOOSE to be an artist? There are jobs in the world that pay bills and make way more sense. I have taken the road of a fool. Don't get me wrong I love creating art, but not for others, this is all for me.

As I walk down the streets of Sheung Wan - paved with pretension, I find myself mystified by how individuals can sell 'works of art' anyone is capable of producing in a first year art course. These 'works of art' are priced at a ridiculous amount of money and only sold to the super elite. In Hong Kong, this means almost anyone. I love this city and I love working daily and diligently on my creations. I feel inspired and alive while simultaneously feeling extremely defeated here.

Realizing my strengths and limitations, I hope with all my being that I can survive in this battle of the riches. With a dream of pure dumb luck and a weekly cigarette allowance I do aspire to become a great voice of all generations.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that we need to stop looking at art as a magical, unobtainable force we don't understand but yet appreciate. We need to start over and feel young again with a new perspective. Appreciate the artist for their work/effort/basic love for life.There is too much focus on 'feelings' and portrayal of time and not enough pure love for aesthetics.

I say, support friendship, love and the pursuit of insanity.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The NEW Hidden Agenda

I spent the last two nights with 3 extremely talented dudes painting some walls at Hidden Agenda. GEEZ it was a total blast! I was very honored to be asked to do this as it is my favorite live music venue in this fantastic city. If you haven't been there yet, then there is something wrong with you since they have the sweetest bands coming to play there weekly (or even more frequently).

Here is a picture of my wall...

Richard's Wall

Ross' Wall

Dustin's Wall

This dude is mega freakin talent!

If it weren't for these South African lads Hong Kong would not be as amazing as it is... and let's face it - it's pretty freakin' amazing! I had such fun with these guys painting and lovin life.

in other news - check me out on the bottom of this website -

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tomorrow's Weather

So- i'm taking part in this exhibition coming up... you should check it out! 

click the pick or HERE to visit the gallery's website to find more info on the show.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Project Mayhem

Next thing I will be a part of...

Project Mayhem

This is a night where a bunch of artists/whatever will get together and swap/look at home-made album covers. All are welcome to come and hang out as well as check out all the awesomeness surrounding this event!

I will not post my cover until after the show. Come down and check it out!

Also I still have prints for sale-

-80 bucks each yo!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May the 4th Be With You

Star Wars AND tattoos? Is it my birthday? No, it's just Star Crossed Tattoo being awesome as usual.

click on this picture for all the details! There are some terms and conditions so be sure to read them.

The star crossed crew and myself have designed some very sweet flash for this event...

for a sneak peak of a couple of my designs - check out my tumblr page

see you all there.

Monday, April 30, 2012

casually epic

Walking into something out of back to the future armed with my new camera, last friday I spent a portion of the night at a private party in KG5 school. Poubelle international were asked to play this super cool catered birthday.

Ben (being a fan of back to the future) felt right at home on stage dressed like a greaser.

...the night escalated into mayhem. We partied pretty hard until sunlight.

Next day (a couple of hours after my head hit the pillow) was a pre-committed Wine Walk in Stanley. I was in no shape for a day of wine, but I pushed through and felt no pain all day.

That night going on essentially no real sleep I headed down to Kwun Tong to watch my friends' new band- The Gatling Gun Revival. 

Arrived to hear the last little bit of this guy..

Erik Piece
not my thing, but he did do a pretty rad bohemian rhapsody.

Then my pals Zane Stroud and Corey Tam took over.

The Gatling Gun Revival

I was super impressed! Had quite a sound. Most of the lyrics written by Zane and most of the music and melodies written by Corey. I am very happy for and proud of these dudes right here!

The Bollands
I heard alot about them. First time I had the privilege of hearing them. By far the best folk duo in Hong Kong (if not many more places). Holy smokes they where a treat for the ears! Check them out when you get the chance... you won't be sorry!

and the last thing I heard before I called it quits?

Dear Scarborough 

AKA - Josh Wong from Noughts and Exes.

I absolutely enjoyed hearing this. Such well written tunes and beautiful melody.
IMPRESSIVE pedal looping. This guy has some freaking skillz.

ANYWAYS- got lots of shit to do today and trying to hype myself up for this...

Should be a goodun'. As usual click the pic for event info

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skate Deck Art

So all you art lovers in HK, you should be going to check this thing out! Many sweet ass artists involved....

Also, you will want to watch my buddy Corey Tam's new music video!

shot and directed by Matt Bailey

Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's Alf

Every so often I do a painting that I am not particularly proud of and never bother posting up.
Due to the lack of excitement in my life right now.... here's Alf 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The New Artists

The second episode of a new online web series called The New Artists is up online now.

This series is dedicated to showing of Hong Kong's talents in the music and art scene hosted by a buddy/fellow HK artist Matt Bailey.

You can click here to watch a new episode every friday or find the link off the the side of this blog.

This episode is with SUN ESKIMOS

keep an eye out for the one with me! I will be sure to post it and boast it as soon as it's up!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scribble Asia

Hey Yall! my work is now up on

if you have a minute go check it out!

Now I just gotta get off my ass and put up some detailed pictures of my work... Very stoked to be a part of this growing Hong Kong art networking site

A little bit of background

"Scribble is a new marketplace for art. We are based in Hong Kong, the centre of arts in Asia. Our aim to promote the arts in Asia by focusing on helping talented artists sell their artworks, and giving them the opportunity to get their name known internationally.
We thrive to make sure that we always have the work of the most talented Asian artists on display. Before admitting an artwork to display, the painting must undergo a thorough review for authenticity and quality. Because the prices are moderate, anyone can buy and invest on artworks from In addition, we ensure that we provide background information on artists and paintings."

Hong Kong Kids

... are generally treated like royalty. This is my rendition of the little BBs you see on the MTR.

Friday, April 13, 2012



another great night with some bands I've never heard before...

EMO alert... no, jokes, they were really cool. 22 Cats dude on the right!

Very stoked I got to hear these guys... Gypsy Bitch Rock! (I just made that up, good eh?)
Naughty Aliens= sweet band/awful name

Lovely as always... I think I am in love with this band (individually I don't care for any of them) kidding!

these guys..... they were.... loud?

The man in charge!

 The late-comers.

I was a little disappointed with the turn out... not so many peeps.... C'MON HONG KONG!
anyways it was still a blast, even though I wasn't totally in the mood for live music, I still enjoyed myself.... As you can probably tell if you've made it this far down the post I am not super in the mode for blogging either. LAZY!


Check out my friends' band's new music video! It's amazing.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

too much fun.. what I've been having lately. Easter is a time for bunnies and dranks.

Last wednesday the wanch housed a very chaotic line up.

Shotgun came on first and as I heard from multiple people who have never seen them before, they were excellent!

I would also like to thank them for letting me walk on stage and ruin some of their tunes!

You can watch the video here ------> Carry On Feat Danny the G(r)eek

This Is Ammuniton showed off their guns...

and the cherry on the top...

Smiles on all faces watching a drunken group of dudes shouting their asses off.
love these guys, check em out whenever you can!

PS - instagram has been consuming my very existence lately.... you should follow me...  


Friday, April 6, 2012


I now have prints for sale....

If you are interested in picking one up let me know either by
facebook group- Danny The G(r)eek

80HKD each.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heavy Hump Day

Are you sitting at home, wondering what you will be doing this wednesday?
Ponder no further.... Easter Bunny Moshfest at the Wanch will be a treat for your eyes and ears...
Come along to hear amazing bands such as;
This Is Ammunition
Shepherds the Weak
Shotgun Politics
(featuring guest vocals from yours truly? ... perhaps.)

Simply click on the photo for details of said show!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

2 girls 1 up

I'm totally smart.

(please excuse the extremely low quality picture, you will just have to deal with it until I get a decent camera.)'ll just have to trust me when I say the colors are BRIGHT!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Darth Snader

Finished this guy off today and started on a couple more...

I swore to myself I would not paint another Darth Vader. Alas, this is for a series of star wars themed paintings I am making for an upcoming show. 

Details will come as soon as I know!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Artist currently known as Prints

I am now the proud owner of 2 of my favorite people's prints....


Click HERE for more prints by him.


Click HERE for more prints by him.

All framed and ready to put up...

I HIGHLY recommend heading down to Star Crossed and picking up some super rad artwork for your own walls.

I will be making prints as well within the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye out for those!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Live at the Wanch

Just another poster I made for what is going to be a KICK-ASS show!

^Click on the picture for the facebook invite^

You won't wanna be missing this!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Got Caked

More like Got Drunk. Went to Lets Get Caked at the wanch on wednesday and was presented with an extremely fun line-up of bands. I had not been to the Wanch in quite some time and am now wondering why... I freaking love that place! Proceeds of the show went to The Arkh Project. Check them out HERE to see what they are all about.

The line-up

Sun Eskimos (well Janice and Paul anyway)

-Sounding beautiful as always, Janice pumped out some major tunes. Sun Eskimos are a majorly talented under-aged group of misfits. Fronted by the ever so lovely Janice. Amazing voice, amazing music.

Tiger Bombers

A rock-the-frown-off-your-face 3 piece. 3 mega cool people taking turns showing off their pipes. Super fun to listen to and even more fun to watch.

9 Maps

I cannot stress enough how fantastic this band is. every time they play I cannot help but give them my full attention. HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

and last but not lame..

Dude Law

I had not heard these dudes live prior to this. If you are like me and like pop punk that is actually good then you will like dude law. The set was short but the songs were driving and dirty.

I recorded a couple of videos from their set which I will post soon (I 'sort of' promise).

We had joy, we had fun, we had far too many alcoholic beverages.

until next time. stay filthy.