Monday, August 16, 2010

Meat Coma and Arnold Overdose

Yesterday was Gabe's birthday. In honor of his age increase we went over to his house to have a BBQ. It was FULL of meat. Awesome but I ate way too much...
After the bbq and quite a few drinks we started an Arnold Schwarzenegger marathon as it's one of Gabe's favorite retarded voices he likes to mimic.

Three of my personal favorite Arnie films.

Some pictures for your enjoyment of the party.
Zane and Ivony

Corey, Myself and Monica

Gabe himself laying down some phat beats on his electric drumset.

Corey and Christine playing with Gabe's swords.

Since I was broke and couldn't afford to buy a gift for him, I painted him a picture of the terminator. I am glad I did cause it made me want to start to paint more, it's been far too long.

Today we had band practice as we will be playing our last show before Greg and Lindie leave to go back to Canada. We are planing on recording 2 more songs for the show...

^click on this to find out more^

In other news, I watched the movie Kick-Ass the other day. I loved it. It... Kicked Ass.
Must own the graphic novel now!

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