Friday, August 13, 2010

Tiff X 3

Got my pokeball tattoo finally!

After the pain, I hung out at Star Crossed Tattoo until the show at the Wanch. I met the soon-to-be new owners of star crossed (after Ross and Julia leave). Really nice dudes, Rich and Ross are their names. They just moved here from South Africa with their wives and seem super friendly! you can check out some of Richard's work on his blog here - HECK YES!

The show at the wanch was great! Tiff was in every band that night (a change from Gabe, although Gabe still played in two bands.) The highlight for me that night had to be Hungry Ghosts. I haven't seen them play in over a year and they were so much fun.


It was a really fun night and every band was just fun to listen to. After the bands were done the night turned into arthur being a karaoke machine(once again) and everyone trying to sing songs that they didn't know the words to.

Not unusual for a night out at the wanch.

Happy Night!

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