Thursday, August 5, 2010


What an incredibly amazing night. I had such a blast. We opened for the Handsome Furs. First off we did pretty good I must say, I mean for how young we are (band wise). THEN, Handsome Furs blew me away!! They just totally fucking rocked the house! Hanging out with them after was awesome. They are two of the nicest people I've met. Very genuine. They really love Hong Kong and were super stoked to play a show and gave us lots of compliments. We partied for a few hours with them. I got to chat with Dan about his other band Wolf Parade (one of my favorites) and a bunch of other shit that I'm sure he gets bored talking about but he was really awesome and still showed interest. Then they went back to their hotel because Dan felt ill from the food poisoning he got the previous night.

Dan gave me a CD and they signed the shit!

Alexei from the Handsome Furs gave me a kiss ON THE LIPS!!


Here is the write up about them from the facebook invite if you are interested.
There isn’t a couple in indie rock that exudes more musical passion and sexual energy than Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry - and their’s is a refreshingly uplifting love story of boy meets girl. Dan, whilst performing with his other band (as frontman of indie heroes Wolf Parade) locked eyes with a bewitching girl in the audience during a gig in Vancouver, Canada. That girl was short-story writer Alexei and by the end of the night, the two were kissing by the merch-table. Awww.

Planning a romantic vacation around Scandinavia, they had a flash of inspiration: why not make sweet music together, form a band and make a tour out of it? And so it was, that the fruit of their labour, Handsome Furs (named after one of Perry’s short stories) was born.

The thing is, the shows turned out to be a great success, and earned them rave reviews everywhere they performed. The couple recorded some songs upon their return home and the buzz around the duo went into overdrive. In no time, they were snapped up by the legendary Sub Pop label - home to the likes of Nirvana, CSS, The Postal Service and Foals amongst others.

Mixed by Arlen Thompson (Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire) their debut LP Plague Park (inspired by their first Scandinavian tour) was released in 2007 to much critical acclaim, and 2009’s follow up Face Control (inspired by an extended Eastern Europe tour) has seen the couple cement themselves as purveyors of essential dance rock.

These are songs about contemporary life’s weighty issues. Themes of lust, love and mournful heartbreak paint the picture of the common man at the bottom of the 21st century – part desperate romantic, part enemy of the state. Struck by the perseverance and resilience of the residents of the places they visited, especially in Russia, the group manage to create thumping synth-powered anthems which make emotional pain sound heroic.

Musically, they’re fast and upbeat. Think a seductive mix of Beck-esque vocals, skuzzy guitars and pulsing beats - creating a plague of gritty, sweaty danceable rock. Their sonic heritage can be referenced from the likes of the Velvet Underground, Joy Division and Suicide, though the Handsome Furs’ unique live delivery is what sets them apart from all others.

Live, the couple are unrelenting in their raucous energy, and their on stage presence is electric. Dan and Alexei pour their souls into the music, and each other, making for an explosive chemistry unrivaled in its raw, magnetic and infectious intensity. A performance guaranteed to leave you feeling inspired, passionate, lustful and utterly human

I made a new bestie! Although he leaves very soon )=
Full sleeve, bearded face, and a love for The Number Twelve Looks Like You!


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