Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Mom

Yesterday I got my sleeve finished off by Julia at Star Crossed.

So happy with it and super stoked to be done with one limb!

After the tattoo sesh I headed over to Central for our first Mammoth practice since our last show (over a year ago now) and it was heaps of fun! I am so happy to be in a band with those fellas again. We are thinking of taking a harder and faster, dirtier and more face-melting direction than before.

My mom got back from her trip to Canada this morning bearing gifts!

This was one of them...
Along with a pair of super cool Marvel PJ bottoms and a book on "How to speak Pirate"

I bought this guy today -
Will let you know how it is. My mom also brought back my 2 Guitars for the Wii.

As promised before - a quick review on the games i've played recently.

Puzzle Quest 2 was shit. It sucked and you should never play it!

Ultimate Alliance 2 was ok, it was fun but pretty much the same as the first one except for the fact that there are NO ITEMS. It lacked in the originality factor alot. I don't recommend it.

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  1. Holy feck those pressies from yer mam sound aces. I want to see thems.