Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Holy Ma-cow!

So I just took a day trip to Macau yesterday. It was surprisingly fun considering I've been there like a hundred times and it is a small casino city with not much to do but gamble. But anyways I had a walk around Macau a bit and there are some really beautiful parts. Did some gambling and to top it all off went and ate a my absolute favorite restaurant in Macau (if not, the world) Fernandos. The service isn't outstanding (not bad just not amazing) but the food however IS!
Really cool old style restaurant that serves portuguese food.

I do highly recommend the beer battered beef. I was gonna get a picture of it before eating it but I got overly excited and remembered to snap a photo before finishing. 2 points for remembering to blog about beef!

Fernando's is located near Hac Sa Beach, a black sand beach with murky water but still a nice view.

Hac Sa Beach.

Here are a couple of photos of the crazy chinese vice city known as Macau...

Once back in Hong Kong, we headed over to the Wanch to say goodbye to Guy and Helen Diamond. Some very cool and super fun new friends we have made just recently and are now gone. Sadness, but it was awesome to see them one last time!

We exchanged shirts to solidify the bond... I am now owner of a Wanch Employee Rugby Shirt.
This is as gang as we get!

Goodbye Guy and your megaman tattoo! You will be missed!

I will leave you now with a picture of my friend Nari's fantastic T-Shirt.
Flip the inside over your head to reveal chunk's face!


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