Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Female Artists in Hong Kong

Julia Seizure is my favorite tattoo artist. She is currently at Star Crossed Tattoo in Hong Kong but unfortunately will be leaving to work and live in the UK pretty soon. She has done many if not most of my tattoos and trained me for a brief period of time. She does beautiful paintings and amazing custom work. If you ever get a chance to get tattooed by her - do it!

Check out her Myspace here -
Check out her Website here -

Shann has been friend of mine for a few years now. She is living in Hong Kong and is skilled in the "dark arts" (hah). Her style is very messy/sketchy/dark and disturbing. She is very talented. If you would like some prints from her I know she is selling them currently.

Check out her Myspace here -
Check out her Deviantart Website here -

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