Thursday, August 19, 2010

you got some long hair

Last night was possibly the last show we will play with the band Priest/Rogue...
San Miguel showcase with our friends Heroses and Corey Tiam(Corey Tam). It was lots of fun. Drunk shirtless bass slapping and a good crowd at The Wanch.

Long Hair decided to hang out and we had a very good chat about the local music scene in HK. Super nice dude. He mainly stayed outside, but I asked him to stick around and watch us play.
Long Hair (Leung Kwok-Hung) is a political activist and somewhat of a rebel. He has been jailed several times. He aims to provide Hong Kong with a livable minimum wage.

Me and Long Hair.

Dave's super cool shirt.

Mr. Corey Tam! He was super amazing, so fun to sing along to his songs!
His girlfriend's birthday was that same night(midnight) and we partied further at The Dog House.

Ring and Lina. Our two local friends who are in the band Heroses.

Also a good friend I haven't seen for a little while that goes by the name of Adam Webb has returned to hk for a few weeks came down and hung out with us!

I will post some pictures of us when I collect them from the interwebs.

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