Monday, April 30, 2012

casually epic

Walking into something out of back to the future armed with my new camera, last friday I spent a portion of the night at a private party in KG5 school. Poubelle international were asked to play this super cool catered birthday.

Ben (being a fan of back to the future) felt right at home on stage dressed like a greaser.

...the night escalated into mayhem. We partied pretty hard until sunlight.

Next day (a couple of hours after my head hit the pillow) was a pre-committed Wine Walk in Stanley. I was in no shape for a day of wine, but I pushed through and felt no pain all day.

That night going on essentially no real sleep I headed down to Kwun Tong to watch my friends' new band- The Gatling Gun Revival. 

Arrived to hear the last little bit of this guy..

Erik Piece
not my thing, but he did do a pretty rad bohemian rhapsody.

Then my pals Zane Stroud and Corey Tam took over.

The Gatling Gun Revival

I was super impressed! Had quite a sound. Most of the lyrics written by Zane and most of the music and melodies written by Corey. I am very happy for and proud of these dudes right here!

The Bollands
I heard alot about them. First time I had the privilege of hearing them. By far the best folk duo in Hong Kong (if not many more places). Holy smokes they where a treat for the ears! Check them out when you get the chance... you won't be sorry!

and the last thing I heard before I called it quits?

Dear Scarborough 

AKA - Josh Wong from Noughts and Exes.

I absolutely enjoyed hearing this. Such well written tunes and beautiful melody.
IMPRESSIVE pedal looping. This guy has some freaking skillz.

ANYWAYS- got lots of shit to do today and trying to hype myself up for this...

Should be a goodun'. As usual click the pic for event info

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