Friday, April 13, 2012



another great night with some bands I've never heard before...

EMO alert... no, jokes, they were really cool. 22 Cats dude on the right!

Very stoked I got to hear these guys... Gypsy Bitch Rock! (I just made that up, good eh?)
Naughty Aliens= sweet band/awful name

Lovely as always... I think I am in love with this band (individually I don't care for any of them) kidding!

these guys..... they were.... loud?

The man in charge!

 The late-comers.

I was a little disappointed with the turn out... not so many peeps.... C'MON HONG KONG!
anyways it was still a blast, even though I wasn't totally in the mood for live music, I still enjoyed myself.... As you can probably tell if you've made it this far down the post I am not super in the mode for blogging either. LAZY!

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