Friday, March 23, 2012

Got Caked

More like Got Drunk. Went to Lets Get Caked at the wanch on wednesday and was presented with an extremely fun line-up of bands. I had not been to the Wanch in quite some time and am now wondering why... I freaking love that place! Proceeds of the show went to The Arkh Project. Check them out HERE to see what they are all about.

The line-up

Sun Eskimos (well Janice and Paul anyway)

-Sounding beautiful as always, Janice pumped out some major tunes. Sun Eskimos are a majorly talented under-aged group of misfits. Fronted by the ever so lovely Janice. Amazing voice, amazing music.

Tiger Bombers

A rock-the-frown-off-your-face 3 piece. 3 mega cool people taking turns showing off their pipes. Super fun to listen to and even more fun to watch.

9 Maps

I cannot stress enough how fantastic this band is. every time they play I cannot help but give them my full attention. HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

and last but not lame..

Dude Law

I had not heard these dudes live prior to this. If you are like me and like pop punk that is actually good then you will like dude law. The set was short but the songs were driving and dirty.

I recorded a couple of videos from their set which I will post soon (I 'sort of' promise).

We had joy, we had fun, we had far too many alcoholic beverages.

until next time. stay filthy.

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