Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Art and Stupidity

Why would anyone in their right mind CHOOSE to be an artist? There are jobs in the world that pay bills and make way more sense. I have taken the road of a fool. Don't get me wrong I love creating art, but not for others, this is all for me.

As I walk down the streets of Sheung Wan - paved with pretension, I find myself mystified by how individuals can sell 'works of art' anyone is capable of producing in a first year art course. These 'works of art' are priced at a ridiculous amount of money and only sold to the super elite. In Hong Kong, this means almost anyone. I love this city and I love working daily and diligently on my creations. I feel inspired and alive while simultaneously feeling extremely defeated here.

Realizing my strengths and limitations, I hope with all my being that I can survive in this battle of the riches. With a dream of pure dumb luck and a weekly cigarette allowance I do aspire to become a great voice of all generations.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that we need to stop looking at art as a magical, unobtainable force we don't understand but yet appreciate. We need to start over and feel young again with a new perspective. Appreciate the artist for their work/effort/basic love for life.There is too much focus on 'feelings' and portrayal of time and not enough pure love for aesthetics.

I say, support friendship, love and the pursuit of insanity.

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