Wednesday, June 16, 2010

facebook sucks rainbow dong

So I have finally decided to start a blog. I am getting annoyed with facebook... and want to stop being so lazy. My prediction is that this blog will last for a little less than a month until I get bored. This blog will mainly be me either ranting or moaning, also just crap about video games, comics, and other cool shit.

So I have recently moved back to Hong Kong (again) and am happy living in this city. I moved here approx 2 months ago from Vancouver. Vancouver was NOT my scene, there are so many things I did not like about that city, so instead of making a giant list of my dislikes, i will just say that I like Asia alot more.
Just a little taste of Mong Kok...

Whats happening today - I just got back from the airport where I picked up my good friend Derek and his dad. They will be staying with us for the next 4 days. Derek has been here before and I'm sure it'll even be more fun this time. I was and am very hungover from last night where we drank entirely too much booze and only spent about 30HKD, man I love this city!!! Anyways back to what I was saying, buses in Hong Kong + me with a hangover = yuck.

What I did yesterday - I painted this guy..