Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yeah, so I totally blog now...

Blog number two, haven't given up yet. I've decided that I like to blog. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon enough.

Last night we played poker at the house here, I'm not entirely sure why I play poker so often, I almost NEVER win. It is fun, but annoying that even my mom beats me (which is exactly what happened last night)

I'm feeling very tired and have a few things to do today, I must finish a set of books for my friend Zane. He opened up an English center very recently and he has decided to make his own course books. He has asked me to do all of the artwork for the books. Only bad thing about it is there are 2 books that need to be done every week before saturdays. It wouldn't be so bad If i wasn't such a major procrastinator! Also I have band practice with Greg and Lindie today. Smack dab in the middle of the day.

Here is a picture of the other two jerks in the band.
They are serious boaters!

And tonight I am going to go see my friends' band play an acoustic set at the Wanch. It should be pretty funny since they are a loud, fast, punk band...

also i want to leave you with this....

best band I've heard in a long time! super awesome.

and here is their fantastic music video!

DIE ANTWOORD!!!! taking over the interwebs!!

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  1. YUUUCCkkkkkkkk i look wayyy too sweaty (which i was)
    pzpzlzlpzlpzplz cover my face.