Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I can do you one nerdier!

Tuesday was 10 dollar tacos in TST at TJ Jacks! It was as delicious as always. My sister graduated just this last year and decided to have a grad party night out type of thing... Ten dollar tacos are ALWAYS a good idea... during 'dinner' Greg and Lindie and I went to some back street crack alley and took a couple band photos

Then after the delicious tacos we went to grab some beers from 711 and went to a ghetto little pool hall that I used to frequent back in the day..

Today I woke up and instead of doing productive work stuff I phoned Greg and asked if he wanted to play pokemon...

So today we had our first poke battle with the card game using some starter decks to figure the game out. Was tons of fun! Now I have to make my own deck(s) but need some more cards before I do that... Toys are Us here comes the 25 year old tattooed idiot that plays a kids card game!

... Future Family!

After the "game" we went to band practice and went through our set list for our Saturday show..
Corey Tam is a good friend of mine who is having a CD release party on Saturday... His CD is effing amazing!!!
If you get the chance spend money on this!!

Anyways this will be the first show I have played in over a year! Should be fun...

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