Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pirates of the City Towers

Been a few days since a little blog...

I been busy lately with band practices and poke battles.... Couple days ago I went over to greg's once more and played pokemon for hours.... I won almost every time. He keeps threatening me by saying that he wont play pokemon with me anymore every time i do something mean....

anyhow after the tough times of the poke battles we went to practice at the studio till just after midnight. We went to the IFC roof after that and stayed up having drinks till about 4 shootin' the shit.

Next day was hangover/run through the songs day. Ridiculous! then went to Rockschool after for a sound check... people showed up super late but in the end it was a great turnout..

Great show with some top notch performances... fun fun! By the time we went on it was around 1 ish. We were pretty drunk but we had a blast and Corey and Mike Kam are super fun guys to have in the band! Anyways went great here are some pictures..

So after the show Corey and a few of us decided to celebrate further and ended up at Galaxy until 5 am....

Needless to say I need some sleep. Two nights in a row... getting to old for this shit. hah, well had an awesome weekend!

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  1. In the top photo behind Gabe, Paul Chan looks like he's wearing red lipstick. What a purdy laydaaaay.