Saturday, June 19, 2010

the service was shit...

Had lots to do yesterday... stayed up the night before until about 3 or so working on those books, then woke up to finish them off before doing anything else, dropped em off at Zane's and that was that.

From there I went to Mong Kok to the Modern Toilet Restaurant. Basically living in mong kok these days... This is the second time I've been to the toilet restaurant since it opened like 3-4 years ago. My rating from both times -> Decor = top notch 10/10! Service = 0/10 Food = 1/10.
This is not a place to go if you like any kind of service or half decent food. We were the only group in the restaurant besides another group, there were about ten servers that you pretty much had to get up and beg them to come over to you so you could ask them time-wasting questions like 'can I get a glass of water?' then if you're lucky she will come over with a pitcher of water but noooo glass. anyways, they were just crap! So back to what I was saying, only ones in the place, so we finally get to order our food, it takes them an hour to cook the shit, everyone's plate comes just enough apart that the last person finishes before the next starts.... no one is eating together. The food that took the "chef" an hour to make specifically, was really kinda gross...

Well enough on that, here are some pictures of the place.
plunger and poo lights!
wall of urinals that change lights..
Hot Pot Toilet and Urinal Drinks on a Bathtub Table.
there was a very large collection of poo toys.

Speaking of toilets and such, Is it just me or should 'automatic hand dryers' be obsolete? These things suck (when they should blow, hah) but really there is no point to them, they NEVER ever dry your hands, I have to press that stupid button like 20 times to get my hands half dry-er. They have always pissed me off...

Enough ranting like a loon.

After the toilet restaurant we decided to take Derek and Roger (Derek's father) to Stanley. After the long bus ride we got there went through the market just quickly 'cause Roger was getting very tired of shopping. I found lots of pokemon cards and an AMAZING remote control helicopter. I didn't buy the helicopter but did pick up some pokemons. Haha, so after the market we walked along the ocean to my favorite little Stanley pub for a few pints.
Smuggler's inn...
writing and crap all over the inside:
love you more than money... oh, no wait..
all the breast!
robot guy..

and, we ended the night in Wan Chai of course. Greg and Lindie came down and met Derek and Laena and I in Galaxy... we had a few super cheap drinks, we ended up loading our bags with 711 drinks and played drinking games at the park.
Was a pretty good day really.

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