Thursday, June 17, 2010

pokemong kok

Today was Walk like an EFFING snail day in Mong Kok. They say this city is always rushing, but a lot of people like to prove that wrong! I have never encountered so many bad walkers. ALOT of people in HK walk bad...

Anyhow just got back a little while ago from practice. I am playing bass in this band, I have never attempted an instrument before so it's slow going. It's a lot of fun but I do suck at it.
After practice Lindie went to go teach some kids, Greg and I went back to our favorite little toy shop and I bought a friend for my dude I painted the other day...

Also we have decided to start playing the pokemon card game, so Greg and I bought a few decks...
NERDZ right? We are gonna party as hard as these guys!!

I decided that I am gonna stay in and work on these books for Zane tonight and skip everything.
I feel bad that Zane usually spends a lot of time putting these books together at the last minute due to my laziness, so home tonight!

So that is my exciting and totally not boring at all day and plans for the night.

Two blogs in one day, look at me go-oh-oh!

Also I drew this robot dude...
sucks, my printer/scanner doesn't scan so I have to take a friggen picture of a piece of paper.

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  1. I like your layout. Keep doing your blog, I'm interested now. :). If you could, and I'm not begging. Read my blog and suggest anything I may be missing?