Friday, November 12, 2010

Tai Po Yo!

Had a very relaxing and blog worthy day off last Tuesday with Monica to have a picnic which Monica prepared and was delicious! We went to Tai Po Waterfront Park (for the first time) it was really big, and pretty fun as well. The place had many different gardens to walk through as well as many things to do.

we raced boats...
...this was the sign beside the extremely shallow pool where we raced them. Next to this sign was another reading 'Danger, Deep water'. Really actually said it.
we flew planes...
this was the view from the lookout point-
(Hong Kong loves to put scenic parks/beaches right next to power plants)
the one thing we wanted to do was go to the insect house, but alas it was closed for renovation...

it was a lovely day off. Absolutely going back to this park. Super worth checking out

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