Sunday, November 7, 2010

dairy molars

Took a stroll down to central for this last night!
Was pretty great, minus the venue. Very small and not enough seats, aircon was busted and alot of people turned up. Skylark lounge is primarily a jazz/blues lounge and it is not meant for CD release parties(in my opinion).

Milkteeth are a local band that play anxious folkish, jazzy rock. I dunno how to describe it, disregard my attempt. But they are very good. Joey Basa (singer/guitarist) has a very cool and unique voice and writes some neat-o lyrics.

Here is the CD they just released-

... recorded by my good friend Kento, It sounds very nice. Great levels and a nice layout.

9 Maps opened up for this show, glad to see that they are getting more and more involved with the music scene. I went with some people that had never heard 9 maps before and all I kept hearing was "great harmonies, etc."

All in all a great time that was had. I took some pictures but they all turned out like dung.