Sunday, November 28, 2010

Showing Off

Today is a day off and I am sitting around the house doing eff all. It is glorious (minus the part where I had a bunk ass hangover this morn.) Last week has been a busy one. Went to a couple of shows and had some band practice etc. Had a late night park get together with Zane, Corey and myself for a new folk project we are starting up. On Thursday- headed over to The Wanch for BC Unplugged. Ned Noble/Corey Tam....... greats!
Ned Noble singing a cover of Wolf Parade and some energetic originals as well.
Corey Tam is a Wanch regular now

Yesterday I headed over to Xperience to check out a Bauhinian Collective Showcase. Corey Tam once more opened for This is Ammunition and Sushi Robot.
Corey Tam
This is Ammunition

Never got a chance to get any pictures of Sushi Robot since I was busy gettin drunkz.

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