Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Queen

October was pretty lacking with blogage. Let's try and make Movember a better one shall we? Halloween was a fun one this year. I had decided on some crap costume and was a bit bummed about it until I found a costume that just shouted me...
Wonder Woman!
We went to the rooftop of the Fringe and partied to an open bar.

Monica was an egg!

There were many other fantastic costumes which I can't seem to find the pictures of at the moment.

Woke up the next day feeling chipper and rearing to go... Star Crossed was having a halloween bash at the shop.

Ross got suited up in the smallest ninja outfit I have ever seen.

Richard was just some crazy axe-wielding killer as his wife was a wounded fox.

Here is the halloween tattoo I got.

Day off today! Currently just chilling out on my balcony drinking some coffee and enjoying the gorgeous weather hong kong seems to be experiencing.

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  1. wtfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.
    why didnt you get the cute ghost tattoo??