Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Goodbye Leslie

Leslie Nielsen has been a hero of mine since the early days. When I was a kid he was literally my favorite actor. So of a mountie, born in the great white north, Leslie has always been the clown. Leslie passed away a couple of days ago and will be missed.
I have grown up watching his films (as they were only slightly offensive and sexually suggestive) seeing as though I was not allowed to watch films that were 'damaging to the soul'. Here are a few of my favorites

This one was great. A play on the fugitive where Les must find the one-legged, one-armed, one-eyed man to prove his innocence.

all of the naked gun movies are defo a must see. Fun old-fashioned cop show where Frank Drebin finds himself in a variety of retarded situations.

I watched this about a dozen times as it was one of the only non gospel choir related video cassettes at my Grandfather's house. Classic Neilsen.

Pure Classic.

I watched this as a young lad and I remember loving it. Mel Brooks does Dracula. "Schedual?"

Watched this one when I was a bit older (as was Leslie) Great Canadian film where Leslie plays a stoned retired curler.

The TV show from where the Naked Gun trilogy spawned. We had all of the episodes on tape growing up. LOVED IT

There are others but those to me are the most memorable. RIP Leslie Nielsen!

what a pimp!

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