Tuesday, September 21, 2010

who watches the Watchmen?

.... I just did. The first time I saw the movie I was apparently the only one in the movie theatre to not see the big blue penis that was so prevalent in the film. Finally saw it this time around. YEAH!!!! big blue wiener!

Anyhow, this weekend was again full of fun...

Saturday: A surprise leaving party for a couple of my favorite people. Joe did a great job of putting it all together!

This was the lineup on Saturday-

Doing their thing. Playing some fun, fast catchy tunes.

This is Joe (from Livefastdie) and his other band.
First time I heard them live and I really loved it. Music is slightly dated, but in a good way. The type of music they play is the stuff I listened to growing up and will always have a big place in my heart for it!

One of their last shows they will play. This was after Hungry ghosts played the song that had the lyrics "Take off your clothes..." which a lot of the men in the Wanch followed.

Sunday: About an hours hike from the Sha Tin Wai MTR station was a beautiful waterfall. A very surreal scenic experience in Hong Kong.

Bottom of the steps to the waterfall.
Nice clear spring water

There was a family there catching Japanese Fire Belly Salamanders.

Mother enjoying the waterfalls

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