Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Empire Strikes Jackpot

ding. ding. ding.

Gots me a new tattoo by Ross Turpin. R2D2 Slot Machine... Session one went like a treat. Super talented man and you should all go and see him or Richard Phipson when you feel like getting some ink in ya. Can't wait to see some color in here...

In other exciting news - I got approved for my working holiday visa today. HAPPY news. So this means I am here for at least another year! Cool eh?

Tmrw is Miko's birthday and Friday we are practicing with a new band. Star Crossed fellas and Mike Jack and myself. SO EXCITED for that as well, just amazing stuff on the horizon.

Ross and Rich came from Durban, South Africa where they had a long running Hardcore band. They were widely accepted as being the longest running hardcore band in South Africa (according to Wikipedia). check them out here -----> CROSSING POINT