Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodbye Seizures + A Very Hidden Agenda

This weekend was pretty crazy. First off was Ross and Julia's leaving party. Rockschool got pretty packed mostly with people that Ross and Julia didn't know. But it ended up being a gong show. With an open bar and a long line-up of great bands, it was a night to try to remember.

Moy returned from his long ass holiday in the Philippines with Oi Squad! Which I missed most of since they played last and I was too far gone.

LiveFastDie played a killer set. Mike Jack has become a full fledged member of the crew and I tell you it works well!

After they finished their set the 5-0 showed up and put a bit of a downer on the night. According to my friend Tiff, they cleared an entire table of underage kids.

There were a few solo acts -

Joey from Milkteeth played some tunes.

DP played a fantastic set. Always a powerfest!

DBK (David Bowie Knives) were on sexfire! This was one of the best sets I've seen them play and I had heaps of fun.

The next day I staggered over to Hidden Agenda. This was quite fun.. It is one of the most difficult venues to find. There is about a hundred streets in the area that have the word "yip" in them. I asked my buddy Nic what it meant he says something like industrial. Having said it was a hassle to find, it is a really awesome venue!

The bar which sold $20 Tsing Tao!
On top of the bar was three of my favorite things. Star Wars toy, Lord of the Rings toy and A Comic book toy.

One of my favorite bands in Hong Kong and some of my very good friends. Paul Lam (pictured above) looks so fucking cool when he plays the ol' axe.
Mike Jack doing the Bang Bang Smash Clang.

Glad I got to catch them before Ephraim leaves and The Lovesong disband.


The last band (which were nothing short of boring and bland) were from Beijing. We didn't stay to watch their entire 'performance'.
They did have one redeeming factor... the use of a melodica.

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