Saturday, September 4, 2010

nice rack

Went to Racks a few days back to hang out with Ross and Julia while Star Crossed was tattooing. The two soon to be new owners of Star Crossed did all the tattooing that night. Racks was pretty lame, but we made it fun regardless. The event was a "Hell's Angels" theme night where the guys were meant to dress like bad-asses and the chicks were supposed to dress in sexy leather and chains. It ended up being a frat party where the guys all looked like douches and the girls all looked like russian prostitutes. anyways here are some pictures of Ross and Richard working.

This guy got a couple things done.

A cheesy viking!!!!
Mr. flex

small work station, but they managed fine

The best part of the night was hanging out with the south african boys afterwards.
We went to Tsui Wah to get some grub and they had NO RICE, also no noodles...
what country do we live in?

Richard and Joey (from MILKTEETH)


  1. bah haha i was super ..... conservative with my blog about racks... all i said was "I WASNT FEELING THAT PLACE" and next thing u know the manager is lurking on my blog. creepy. i might cut and paste ur blog for a much more accurate description... hahaha

  2. 711's suck in Canada! I WANT MY JUICE BOXES BACK!!!!!!!!!!!