Friday, September 24, 2010

Art Jam

What have I done this week you ask?

well.... Monday was a two year mark for Monica and I so we went to eat at a fancy restaurant on Ashley Road. La Taverna was the name of the place and it was delish! On wednesday we went to watch a fire dragon dance parade thing. It was mostly a waste of time and super boring. Monica started to feel really faint because of the heat and crowds and standing for so freaking long waiting for the dumbass dragon to come.

Yesterday however was quite good. We went to a friend's place in Tung Chung area (which was beautiful) and had a bit of an Art Jam. It's always nice to art jam and see what everyone comes up with.

art jam-o-rama

the view from the house

Zane's piece

After the jam session we headed over to The Wanch to watch Corey Tam and David Bowie Knives play a show.. despite a couple of unfriendly faces it was a win night!
Zane is now playing bass for Corey Tam.

I always find it funny how the majority of local bands here in Hong Kong are highly unoriginal and use waaay toooooo many pedals....

... Having said that, I still love to support Hong Kong's talent, as good or bad as they might be. There was this big douche at the Wanch who said in a very loud voice after a band finished a song "this is bullshit, i'm leaving" -what a dick. I know what it's like to get up in front of people and perform music that you have made and are proud of, it's not easy. So anyways I really like to try and support bands that play what they love in the city I am living in.

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