Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music and Moore

Just got back from a lunch date with dear Monica.

Found myself a couple of goodies. I really shouldn't be buying shit on my low monthly wages right now, but then again, I wanted this stuff... take that common sense!

First went to a second hand bookstore in Central and found a Yamaha JR1 Mini Folk Guitar for only $500. Had to purchase it. Its so little and cool. Really good condition as well!

They also had a couple of banjos (which I REALLY wanted) but the guy said they weren't for sale. I think that was bullshit and he just really couldn't be bothered to help me. I mean they were in a section with a bunch of guitars that all had price tags on them. Whatever, next time.

...Aslo they had a EFF-Load of amazing Vinyl if anyone collects records in Hong Kong.

Then we went to Flow, one of my favorite second hand bookshops in HK.

And I found some graphic novels by one of my absolute favorite writers, Alan Moore. They are amazing, I read one on the train ride home. So graphic and twisted. The artwork inside is so flipping awesome! There is some crazy detail in it.


this one is super rad, fucked-up to the max, but super rad!

Here is a page from the last book, not the best one, so many other better stories. Alas this is the only one I could find online.


  1. So you ended up going back and buying the guitar? Hah, I went back a bit later and got that book I wanted.

  2. where was the place with the records?

  3. on Queen Victoria Street in between Des Voux Road and Queens Road. It's calleed something books and collectables.