Friday, March 2, 2012

I am Bangkok

As we got to Bangkok Sunday night we waited in endless lines to get from the airport to Khao San Road (where we would spend the majority of our time).

My travel buddy Andrew and I found a place to stay without really looking.

LEK Guest House - Actually the worst place to stay in BKK. The walls were paper thin, and the windows were broken. Lek Guest House is located right in the middle of the party street which meant we didn't have silence until about 5 or 6 am... as the sun shone into out non-air conditioned crappy box of a room we could not help but wake up from our thin wooden beds. After realizing how much of a shit hole this place was we did not attempt to change places.

That night we partied...

The next day we went around looking at the slums and bums of Bangkok.

Mostly sticking to the dangerous back alleys.

Then after too much beer in the unbelievable heat we got sleepy and 'rested' in our room.

then we partied harder.
we hit up every bar on the street.. no big deal.
This kid wanted to thumb wrestle. He was a psycho.

The next day we went temple hopping...

after 30 seconds in each temple we walked back

Sat down and had some drinks. This pirate dude saw us everyday. He knew without asking us we didn't want to buy any of his shit, he just gave us thumbs up. He knew.

That night was relax night... got a couple massages then fish feet.

then a foot massage, the lady told me I had a problem with my heart. I got angry with her

Next day I got a crappy tattoo from The Sex Tattoo. 

another terrible sleep and then back to HK.

The End

...we made a video

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