Saturday, March 17, 2012

Why does Hong Kong need HKXO

I discovered that HKXO stands for Hong Kong Cross Over last night (I thought it stood for Hong Kong hugs and kisses). HKXO1 was a great success, maybe there wasn't as many people as say a CD release or whatnot, but there was a mingling of local and western music. Hearing new music is always good and HKXO's aim is to serve you up a dish of new music every time you go to one of their shows. Without HKXO I most likely would have not heard two of my new favorite bands...


A throwback to the late nineties/turn of the century indie emo epic-ness.


Heavy tunes from a solid band.

It's not difficult to by one of my favorite bands.


1. Be Heavy
2. Have 2 vocalists

As for the band I have seen many a time before....

Shotgun Politics (well half)

Proving they can rock just as hard as a mellowed out 2 - piece.
SIDE NOTE : Freddy's face is amazing.

 This Is Ammunition

Always a joy! Catchy shit!

HKXO is a crossover. In a city famed for its blend of west and east, there unfortunately remains a divide between two parallel music communities. Whilst the musical landscape in HK has never looked as bright as it has coming into 2012; HKXO aims to further close the rapidly narrowing gap between musicians in the territory; exposing as many people to as much beautiful, local, independent and genuine music as possible along the way.

1 show. 4 bands. 2 east, 2 west. Every month.

Keep supporting local and live music!

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  1. Yeah! It was the first time I got to see Direct Action and it was really cool! Really loving how Joe has put this together.

    And that was a fun face I got going on the cajon! Hahaha!

    // F