Monday, March 5, 2012

Art Walk and Trash Talk

I will be taking part in the Hong Kong Art Walk this year thanks to Future Industries

Leo has been gracious enough to offer me a spot to put a couple paintings up in their gallery during the event.

The Hong Kong Art Walk is pretty cool (although, I've never been). It's Hong Kong's biggest charity/art event.... should be 'fabulous'. Go check it out if you can on March 14th. Once you have a ticket, there will be tons of beer and wine for you to guzzle all night.

Also doing something stupid with Poubelle International soon. They have a show this Saturday -----

Also, I might be on TV soon. Keep an eye out for that!

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  1. Hi Danny,
    Thanks for following land of no cheese. I'm just checking out your site. How's Tai Wai?