Wednesday, January 11, 2012

...and release

A bunch of CD release parties coming up here in Hong Kong... 3 of my favorite local bands are ready to show off their talent and hard work. I recommend going to all three, but thats just me...

JAN 21st

Featuring the voices of what sounds like nothing short of angels. These are songs of the tormented muse - driven by a soft yet piercing beat (Gabe FTW). I own this album and you should too!

JAN 28th

Hong Kong's oldest and most highly acclaimed Hardcore band. Fronted by a very passionate dude (Riz). I have been thoroughly impressed with the quality and energy of their performances recently. I grew up listening to this shit. King Ly Chee is not only a top notch local hardcore band, it is also a major landmark in asian music.

FEB 4th

What can I say about these guys (and girl). They are by far one of my favorite local bands. Not only are they my good buddies, but also just such a kick you in your ass good time. One of the best things about Hungry Ghosts is that no matter which genre of music you prefer, you will always enjoy listening to them. Their crowds are never disappointed, so make sure you make it for this one!

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