Monday, January 2, 2012

This is why...

I love this city.
I can't imagine anywhere else I would rather be living. This city is my best bud. Everyday I see something fantastic around me as well as hundreds of scuzzy things. Grime that cakes half of the buildings, fat fat rats scurrying by the high end shops, and children peeing into ziploc bags on the train. The apartments are small, the streets are aggravating to shuffle through and the booze is cheap.

This is a city where the arts are constantly growing from the very bottom. Every once in a while there will be some small leap in music, and when it happens it brings the scene together in a big way. This is a city where the people make it easy to love live music.

This place can bring out the best in you. It has brought out the worst in me at times, but it's never boring. There is always a new place to experience just around the corner. There are always new people to meet and there are always people to turn to when you feel lonely.

In a place where clutter and waste fill the streets, I find myself holding on tightly to memories made daily. I have had countless nightmares and even more dream-like days. I have been elated by conversations and have fallen in love with my surroundings over and again. There is an unspoken appreciation among the residents for the obscure and ever changing landscape.

I love being a part of this fast paced, transient place. Great friends coming and going who understand that when we see each other again it will be like we were never apart. I love that I smile more than I don't. I love that I feel inspired here. But mostly,
I love this crazy, dirty, heartless, wonderful city.

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