Thursday, November 10, 2011


Just went to pick up the new Steel Panther CD. That's right folks, a CD! Haven't purchased one of those in an age! If you are unaware, Steel Panther (formally known as Metal Skool) is the BEST mock 80's hair band that is out there today. They're lyrics are unmatched and ranked (by me) as the dirtiest lyrics I have ever read/heard.

I remember when I saw them in Vancouver... It was after a long and tiring day at work mid-week. I had gotten home slipped on my PJs and made me some macaroni... There was no was on earth I was leaving my couch. But then, I got a call saying there was a scalper selling tickets to see Steel Panther. Boom, the power of that band got me dressed and downtown in less than 30 mins (I know there is no referance as to how long that would usually take, but use your imagination and guess more than 30 mins).

Anyways, the follow up to their Feel The Steel album is called Balls Out and I'm currently importing it to my itunes... should be on the top of my playlist in no time.

I leave you know with Satchel's review of his own album...

Also, I recommend watching all of their previous Music Videos if you haven't already. Pure genius!

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